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Private yacht trips

Who hasn’t dreamt of sailing in Zante! Stop dreaming, time to live it! Sail on a sea of timeless history and discover what waits on the shore beyond. A sailing adventure tempts you across the seas, to see what you can see beyond our atoll. A million experiences await you on and around our legendary isle.

Luxury Villas Zante - Cielo Villas in Zakynthos
A private day charter on a luxury sailing yacht with your own skipper and hostess is the perfect way to visit Zakythos’ jewels. Shipwreck Bay and the Blue Caves are world famous destinations, do not miss them!
Chartering your own boat not only allows you to visit these amazing places in luxury but opens up an entire coast of stunning bays and beaches that only your private skipper knows.

A full day charter on either a sailing yacht or speedboat captures the essence of the Ionian. Slip into the cool waters for a swim then enjoy bubbles and lunch on board. All of our skippers are fully qualified, the boats impeccably maintained and include full safety equipment.
We can provide skippered yachts, catered or not and with or without a hostess. If you already have a sailing license, we can provide bareboat charter information on request. We can offer advice and recommend itineraries and, if you are uncertain what you would prefer, we are happy to help and advise.
Luxury Villas Zante - Cielo Villas in Zakynthos
Explore the beauties of Zakynthos with a luxury cruise in these amazing destinations
Located Northwest of Zakynthos, the famous Shipwreck beach, is one of the sights you must not miss. Although you can view the beach from the main land, from the top of the hill above, it is preferred to visit the area by boat. The blue waters and the white sand makes the beach unique, and it is a true experience to swim on the crystal clear waters.
An array of caves, carved into the rocks by the blue waters, have created in the northern part of the island, the Blue Caves. A really beautiful attraction that you can only visit by boat. Arrange a day cruise and enjoy the spectacle.
The two rocks that emerge from the water and join the land with a small strip of sand, constitute the Mizithres. They are located in the southwestern part of the island in the area of Keri and are accessible only by sea. You can also swim to the small beaches created by the sand nearby.
Also known as the turtle island, Marathonisi is located in the bay of Laganas, south of Zakynthos. A sandy beach attracts the loggerhead turtle to lay its eggs and turtle sighting is very common around the island. It is a destination that is highly recommend for cruising.
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