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Forget the worries of everyday life and let time pass while exploring the island of Zante. Its small charms are waiting to be discovered via a wide range of activities!

Private yacht trips

Who hasn’t dreamt of yachting in Zante! Stop dreaming, time to live it! Sail on a sea of timeless history and discover what waits on the shore beyond. A yachting adventure tempts you across the seas, to see what you can see beyond our atoll. A million experiences await you on and around our legendary isle.

Scuba diving

While at Zante discover the undersea environs just offshore. Colorful marine life abounds with azure waters making an adventure below the surface a spectacular journey that can only be found in our beautiful turquoise waters.

Wine tasting

Live the total Wine Tasting experience in Zante! Uncork some of the most impressive wines of Greece, and let your palate guide your senses to the unknown flavors of the local grape varieties.

Wellness & Beauty

Whether you’re a self-certified spa guru, or simply in need of a rejuvenation holiday, Cielo Luxury Villas offers a wide variety of options to satisfy every inch of your body and soul.

From pampering massages, facials, to intensive beauty treatments, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Water Sports

Even if you are not much of an athletic type, while in Zante you should really try some water sports.  In combination with the crystal clear azure waters and the ideal temperature for any water sports activity, like water skiing in the marvelous seabed of Zante, a wonderful surfing experience is guaranteed.

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